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Clinic Welcomes 500th Patient

21 Sep 2020

Last Friday we welcomed our 500th patient to the clinic, which felt like a significant milestone considering - like many - we closed the facility when lockdown struck.

Having opened last October we had a clear mission; to help everyday athletes remain active and to unlock our network of experts and consultants for patients, many of whom had previously been only available to the professional footballers we worked with in our former worlds of club and international football.

So, to see that milestone number some nine months down the line is testament to the work we are doing, across many different sporting disciplines.

We’ve welcomed footballers, golfers, keen badminton players, tennis pros, teenagers encountering issues from the repetitive nature of school and extracurricular sports, along with helping one patient learn to walk again after a very bad car crash.

It’s a privilege to be able to help people build up strength and movement, gain confidence and ultimately continue the sport they love. We all know how important exercise and being active is, for mental and physical wellbeing, and every time a patient completes their rehab pathway with us we are delighted at the part we have played.

It always starts with their commitment of course, to coming in for sessions, doing exercises at home to continue the progress. There aren’t quick fixes when it comes to recovering from an injury, but with a collaborative approach we often see some early wins which in turn gain commitment from the patient who can see the progress being made.

Who knows what the coming months will bring; hopefully some more opportunities for us all to be out and about enjoying some participation sport before the weather becomes too dark and wintery.



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